Moon Knight

Moon Knight on the Iron Throne by danschkade Dan Schkade.

This client has a fun theme (well, not for Tony) of having Marvel Heroes and Villains on a “Iron Throne”, but instead of a throne of swords like in Game of Thrones, it’s made up of Iron Man armor parts.

Love that this piece is placed in the temple of Konshu, with the classic Moon Knight.

Commissions available.

Final Project for Basic Drawing

3 Point Batman-esque City w/ A Figure, Drapery, Multiple Levels of Depth, Self Loathing

chibimacabre: Is the current run actually following an arc yet or is it still just short stories? I love Moon Knight and how the character is being written now, but I hate how short the stories are.

according to the august solicitations, the sixth issue will reference events that happen in the first issue, but it does appear that moon knight is being written more as a done-in-one series

marvel comics meme // five costumes [5/5]
marc spector’s suit moon knight costume

Anonymous: Who was the blogger in monk knight issue one? Do you know? I'm curious if she was important to the storyline at all.

as far as i know she was just a random character created for that particular issue

playing with colors

Moon Knight by Ellis / Shalvey

Marc Spector - Moon Knight

Moon Knight Issue #5 (2014)

"It’s not a mask. It’s your face."

"Smart kid."